Commercial Banking/ABL Finance

Board Of Directors Searches

  • $ 500 million Bank in Northern California
  • $ 2 Billion Bank in Southern California
  • $ 150 Million Bank in Southern California
  • De Novo Bank in Southern California

Senior Management Searches

  • CEO/President for $ 200 million Bank in San Diego
  • President for California Trust Co. subsidiary of a major East Coast Bank
  • CEO/President for De Novo Banks in Southern California (several)
  • President of Investment Management subsidiaryof a California Bank
  • Executive Vice President – Chief Credit Officer (12 searches since 2006)
  • Executive Vice President – Head of Commercial or Real Estate Lending (9 searches since 2006)
  • Executive Vice President – Chief Financial Officer (5 searches since 2006)
  • Executive Vice President – Chief Technology Officer

Mid Management Level

    SVP – Regional Commercial Banking Managers (multiple)
    SVP – Director of Real Estate Lending
    SVP – Head of Agricultural Lending – Western U.S.
    SVP – Head of Southern California Private Banking
    SVP – Head of Northern California Credit Administration
    SVP – Head of Asset-Based Lending (multiple)
    SVP- Regional Credit Administrators (multiple)
    SVP – Head of Real Estate Lending – San Gabriel Valley (whole team)
    FVP – Manager of Loan Administration and Operations
    FVP – Manager of Compliance (multiple)
    FVP – Head of California Middle Market Lending
    FVP – Head of Northern California Private Banking
    FVP – Head of Investment Management Operations

Senior Staff Level

    VP – Entertainment Lending (multiple)
    VP – Leveraged Finance (multiple)
    VP – Credit Manager -Gaming/Leisure Industries
    VP – Middle Market Commercial Banking (multiple – throughout Western US)
    VP- Team Leader – Private Client Sales (whole team)
    VP – Team Leader – Trust Administration
    VP – Private Banking (multiple)
    VP – BD Officer – Asset-Based Lending (multiple)
    VP – Special Assets (multiple)
    VP – Loan Processing Manager