RMA’s Search Procedures


Following are the important features of Ryan, Miller and Associates’ (RMA’s) process in conducting a search assignment on behalf of clients.

1. JOB SPECIFICATIONS – Completed within the first 3 days of the search assignment.
At the outset of the search process, RMA will develop, in consultation with our client, a thorough understanding of all aspects of the position – all the functions that have to be performed and the skills needed. But it is most intensely focused on the “mission” of the job- what the candidate is expected to accomplish over the next 1-3 year timeframe. Which in turn defines key personal qualities and attributes needed for success in the job. Often RMA will help frame the compensation package needed to attract the right candidates.

2. CANDIDATE RESEARCH – Preliminary research completed in 2 days after the Job Specification
RMA’s goal is to insure market is thoroughly covered to find the best potential candidates. Preliminary research
is aimed at producing a list of 150-200 potential candidates and/or referral sources as potential targets. This list
is derived from our computerized database, industry journals, and in the case of Business Development-oriented
individuals, those who are prominent in industy/community activities. As the search progresses, more names
will be added to the target list.with an expectation that 250-300 individuals will receive some consideration for
potential contact. Actual contact generally is with the top 50% of the “those considered” list.

3. CANDIDATE RECRUITMENT – Starts immediately after Preliminary Research completed.
Normal goal is a 4 -8 week recruitment cycle depending on the complexity of the assignment.
On all major searches, RMA has two main recruiters involved in contacting candidates. The person
most familiar with the client serves as Primary Recruiter.and client liason. The Primary Recruiter is
responsible for insuring a) the job is being presented both persuasively and realistically, b) complete
market coverage is obtained, c) every potentially interested candidate is personally reviewed to determine
possible fit.

4. CANDIDATE SCREENING – On going throughout the search as candidates are identified
All candidates considered preliminarily viable will be met personally by RMA, and whenever possible
checked out initially with reliable industry sources. These industry sources are often quite valuable,
as they aren’t names hand-picked by the candidate. To protect confidentiality, we normally list a candidate’s
name along with several others as potential targets, thus asking the source’s advice “who do you think is
best for us to target and why?” Once satisfied that a candidate is suitable, we recommend them to our
client for interview. Any candidates who are asked back for a second round of interviews will be subject to more formal reference checking (usually 3 to 6 references) as well as educational degree verifications. We actively probe for weaknesses and problem areas. If a genuine problem is surfaced, we immediately bring such concerns to our client’s attention.

5. EMPLOYMENT NEGOTIATIONS –Once an offer of employment is being considered
We spend time finding out the candidate’s current compensation issues and expectations so that the client is
as fully informed as possible before considering an offer. We work closely with clients to help frame job offers that will get a candidate aboard but also leave room for incentives for top performance. We represent our clients as persuasively as possible to a candidate, but make sure the candidate has a very realistic view of the job and company he or she would be working for. Finding people who will stay and do well on a longer-term basis with our clients is always our objective.

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